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Concerning the birth of this blog

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I have a subscription to the bi-monthly Poets and Writers, and in each edition a different writer will have a turn sharing his or her thoughts on the subject matter: ‘Why We Write’.  Invariably, it is this article which I go to first – and almost without exception the article I savor the most.  Why?  Because for all the negative ideas and feelings (often?) associated with writers and writing – arrogance, pretense, loathing, cynicism, indifference; for all the literary theory of philosophers, such as Saussure‘s arbitrariness of language and Levinas‘s impossibility of language; for all the frustration, boredom, and self-doubt writers experience; and for all the people (myself included) who gawp in bemusement at the sheer quantity of writing ‘out there’ in the world around us, then the article speaks to that question by returning almost unfailingly, it seems to me, to one reason, simultaneously simple and complex: our humanity.  In essence, then, this is the theme of my blog, or at least therein lies the source of its creation and its departure point.  We write and we read for no other clearer reason than because we are humans.


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  1. The ideas you mention are rather difficult for a scientist like me to follow but I enjoyed the challenge of following your thoughts and look forward to reading more.

  2. This reminds me of the scene in “Dead Poets’ Society”. – starting at 3:43.

    Great work, sir! More, please.


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